XIV Specialised Bulgarian Golden Retriever Show 2018 – Results

Резултати от XIV-та Специализирана изложба на БГРК

НомерИме на кучето / Dog’s nameОценка / RateМясто / PlaceТитли / Titles
Мъжки / Male
Бебе / Baby
1Famous Darren By GoldmellVery promising2
2Famous Samson By GoldmellVery promising1Best Baby Male
Подрастващи / Puppy
3Goldenicious A La Greco PhoebeAbsent
Млади / Junior
4Piece of Gold Bon Jovi’s RunawayExcellent1Best Junior Male
Междинен / Intermediate
5Flying Souser From GoldengrafExcellent1RCAC
Открит / Open
6Amazing Dragon from Crème CaramelExcellent
7Buffalo from GoldengrafAbsent
8Casanova From GoldengrafExcellent3
9Charm Step Marlon BrandoVery good
10JCH Wind Lovin’ Junior MintExcellent
11Lorindely Born RomanticVery good
12Piece Of Gold Roxette’s Dream OnVery good
13Piece Of Gold Roxette`S DangerousExcellent2
14Piece Of Gold Smokie’s Back To BradfordExcellent1CAC/Best MaleBOB
Шампиони / Champions
15Borat from GoldengrafGood
16Ch. Demetrius Flores VitaeExcellent
17Piece of Gold Abba ‘s EagleExcellent3
18Piece Of Gold Abba’s Honey HoneyExcellent2
19Piece Of Gold Abba’s I Have A DreamExcellent1
20Reflexions of Gold Always on my mindExcellent
Работен / Working
21Koek De VallserratAbsent
Ветерани / Veterans
22C.I.E & C.I.B Meerik Of Wolf PointExcellent1
23Dewmist GlitteratoAbsent

НомерИме на кучето / Dog’s nameОценка / RateМясто / PlaceТитли / Titles
Женски / Female
Бебе / Baby
24Mon Moriani ReflexionsVery promising1Best Baby FemaleBOB Baby
Подрастващи / Puppy
25Forever True Love of BlackseagoldPromising
26Forever Yours of BlackseagoldVery promising1Best PuppyBOB Puppy
Млади / Junior
27Beatles Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Of Golden SkyfallsAbsent
28Flower Of LifeVery Good
29N’Eva Du Sarmizegetusa RegiaExcellent2
30Piece Of Gold Europe’s Got To Have FaithExcellent3
31Piece of Gold Europe’s New Love In Town – FreyaAbsent
32Piece Of Gold Europe’s Rock The NightVery good
33Soul Simphony GabriellaAbsent
34Sunnyfield’s Never Give UpExcellent1Best Junior FemaleBOB Junior
Междинен / Intermediate
35Fairy Tale Iz Stolitsy UralaExcellent2
36Future from GoldengrafExcellent1CAC
37Verdinal Secret DreamAbsent
Открит / Open
38Charm Step Mila KunisExcellent
39Charm Step Salt of the EarthVery Good
40Charm Step SilverbellVery Good
41Cinderella BlackSeaGoldExcellent3
42Divine Niya By GoldmellVery good
43Flora from GoldengrafVery good1
44Piece Of Gold Queen’s Made In HeavenVery good
45Piece Of Gold Queen’s The MiracleExcellent
46Piece Of Gold Smokie’s It’s Your LifeExcellent2
47Piece of Gold Smokie’s Wild wild Angels CharaExcellent
Шампиони / Champions
48Colorful Rainbow AmaxAbsent
49Love Story of Clear PassionExcellent2
50Piece Of Gold Abba’s AngeleyesExcellent1RCAC
Ветерани / Veterans
51BG CH Copabyss A ElizabethExcellent2
52Ch. Lorindely Artemida KenigyExcellent1BOSBOB Veteran