XVIII Specialised Bulgarian Golden Retriever Club Show 2020 – Results

НомерИме на кучето / Dog’s nameОценка / RateМясто / PlaceТитли / Titles
Мъжки / Male
Бебе / Baby
1Alpha Ayron From Goldinarium Muddy BuddyVery promising2
42Alpha Bud from Goldinarium Muddy BuddyVery promising1
2Alpha Koda From Goldinarium Muddy BuddyAbsent
3Piece Of Gold Eurythmics Right By Your SideVery promising3
4Piece Of Gold Eurythmics When Tomorrow ComesAbsent
Подрастващи / Puppy
5Sunny Feathers Mythic Lotus KingVery promising1BOB Puppy
Млади / Junior
6Bright Michael Of Shine’s Blue DreamExcellent2
7Bright Tobias Of Shine’s Blue DreamExcellent1JCAC
Междинен / Intermediater
8Bonett Bride Oak IslandExcellent1
9Disney Prince Charming Of Shine`S Blue DreamExcellent2
10Glamorous Harold By GoldmellExcellent3
Открит / Open
11Casanova From GoldengrafExcellent1
12Elvis Presley Of BlackseagoldExcellent3
13Ernest Hemingway From GoldengrafExcellent2
14Hercules From GoldengrafExcellent4
Шампиони / Champions
15Charm Step Martian Dust DevilExcellent1CAC, Best Male, BOB
16Piece Of Gold Eagles DesperadoExcellent2
Работен / Working
17Piece Of Gold Smokie’s Back To BradfordExcellent1RCAC
Ветерани / Veterans
18Ch. Demetrius Flores VitaeExcellent1Best Veteran

НомерИме на кучето / Dog’s nameОценка / RateМясто / PlaceТитли / Titles
Женски / Female
Бебе / Baby
19Alpha Sunny From Goldinarium Muddy BuddyVery promising2
20Piece Of Gold Aerosmith’s Legendary ChildVery promising1Best Baby, BOB Baby
21Piece Of Gold Eurythmics The Miracle Of LovePromising
Подрастващи / Puppy
22Sunny Feathers Moonlight Violette SpellAbsent
Млади / Junior
23Highborn Athena By GoldmellExcellent2
24Iron Maiden From GoldengrafExcellent1JCAC, JBOB, Best Female, BOS
Междинен / Intermediater
25Bendita One Star GateExcellent4
26Charm Step CookieExcellent3
27Disney Fiona Of Shine’s Blue DreamExcellent1RCAC
28Incredible Mia From GoldengrafExcellent2
29Veli Vir ChaddaCan not be judged
Открит / Open
30Charm Step Midnight AuroraExcellent1
31Cinderella BlackseagoldExcellent4
32Disney Arial Of Shine’s Blue DreamExcellent3
33Goddess From GoldengrafAbsent
34Piece Of Gold Europe’s Got To Have FaithExcellent2
35Piece Of Gold Smokie’s Wild Wild AngelsExcellent5
Шампиони / Champions
36Charm Step Salt Of The EarthExcellent3
37Future From GoldengrafExcellent1CAC
38Piece Of Gold Beatles All My LovingExcellent4
39Piece Of Gold Smokie’s It’s Your LifeExcellent2
Ветерани / Veterans
40Piece Of Gold Abba’s AngeleyesExcellent2
41Take A Glance Uber Den WolkenExcellent1Best Veteran, BOB Veteran